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yler Hubbard has released his new single, “Park,” the follow-up to his third solo No. 1 “Back Then Right Now.” The song, which he co-wrote with Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Canaan Smith, is from his latest album, Strong.

“Park” actually reminded Tyler of a real-life incident that occurred when he was a teenager.

“I literally didn’t think of it until about halfway through the song, and I had a flashback to being 15 and riding around, and my girlfriend was 16,” recalls Tyler. “She had a Toyota Camry, and I remember us riding around and we had a little tradition where we would find a parking lot and stop on the way, usually on the way home from church we would stop somewhere and kill a little time in the parking lot, if you will. And so, yeah, we were coming home and we pulled off into this, actually another church parking lot, a lot of churches in small town Georgia, apparently. But, anyways, we pulled off into the parking lot and we were sitting there making out and next thing you know, there’s blue lights behind me. Man, I was kind of nervous and the cop comes up and he kind of makes a bigger deal than it should’ve been. I was only about a mile from my house, so he ended up escorting us home, walking me to the door, making a scene about it with my dad and saying you know, ‘Caught these two down here in this parking lot.’ So, my dad had to make a scene about it too, so he grounded me for about a month. At 15 years old, when you’re grounded for a month, especially from your girlfriend, I was like, ‘Wait, I can’t…’ She was my ride at that point. So, yeah, I was out of commission and lesson learned. I should’ve just went home and sat in the driveway and made out. But, so yeah, I had a nostalgic memory attached to this song. Every time I sing this song, I think about it.” (laughs)

Tyler has a few more dates on Kane Brown’s In The Air Tour, and then he’ll headline some fairs and festivals throughout the summer, followed by his headlining Strong World Tour kicking off September 6th in Indianapolis.

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