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Luke Combs Annouce Release Of New Album “Fathers And Sons”

Luke Combs fans suspected he might be working on something like this.

After spending nearly six full months dropping emotional, dad-life songs like breadcrumbs, Combs revealed a full dad-life album is coming.

  • Fathers & Sons will be available at all digital streaming platforms and retailers next Friday (June 14).
  • The 12-song collection includes four songs he’d previously teased on social media.
  • The albums cover features Combs with two young boys and an older man fishing. Presumably these are his two sons and his father.

“Obviously, that’s kind of where my headspace is,” Combs told Taste of Country in May. “It’s just kind of hard to write or focus on anything else other than that. That’s what my world is right now.”

The titles for all 12 new songs are below. Producer and songwriter credits have not yet been revealed.

“I’m lucky to get to spend three or four days a week at home with the kids,” the 34-year-old adds. “We play two nights a week, so the rest of the days I’m home with them. That’s what I’m doing. I go out and play some shows and come home and make breakfast and lunches and naps and diapers.”

Fathers & Sons becomes Combs’ fifth studio album. It follows Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old, released in 2022 and 2023, respectively. Missing from this new project is his current radio single, “Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma.”

Fans will find that on the upcoming soundtrack for the movie Twisters.


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